Various Cancer Specialists or Oncologists

Oncologists are doctors who specialize in treating and treating diseases caused by cancer. This disease has a high mortality rate. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2015 alone 8.8 million people died from cancer. Many cancers occur in developing countries, including Indonesia. So it is natural that this deadly disease receives special attention in the medical world. Many factors that trigger a person suffering from cancer, for example unhealthy lifestyles, environmental factors, to genetic (genetic) factors. In Indonesia alone, the number of cancer patients continues to grow each year. Field of Work Oncology Oncology is a field of medicine that specializes in treating and preventing cancer. Meanwhile, doctors who specialize in the field of oncology are called oncologists. Clinically, the field of oncology can be divided into three main areas, namely: Surgical oncologist The field of surgical oncology focuses on managing cancer by surgery, such as removal
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